The Rent Shop Auckland City use Wakawax to help reduce costs, be eco-friendly and promote individual responsibility.

Businesses and government agencies can spend thousands of dollars per year keeping vehicles clean but, agencies can use different strategies to help reduce costs, be eco-friendly and promote individual responsibility.

Presenting a Clean Image

The Rent Shop vehicle cleaned using no water with Wakawax Waterless Wash 

Maintaining clean vehicles helps promote a positive image among community residents, in turn, enhancing the confidence residents have in the business or government agencies.

Some businesses manage cleaning fleet vehicles in-house. The Rent Shop Auckland City streamlined its team to use Wakawax Waterless Wash as their go-to vehicle cleaner, offering the team an easy eco-friendly way to keep their company cars clean at all times on the road.

"In essence, The Rent Shop Auckland City developed a business service model for how to handle our vehicle fleets from purchasing to cleaning and maintenance," said Wesley Bezuidenhout, Business Development Manager of The Rent Shop Auckland City

"As a Business Development Manager, I meet with many landlords and investors every week and first impressions last, so in order for me to convince them that we can look after their investment, I need to show up looking my best in a clean car" - Wesley said.

The Rent Shop Auckland City use Wakawax Waterless Wash as their easy eco-friendly car wash in a bottle.

Wakawax Waterless Wash saves water and time! Ordinary car washes usually use between 100 to 150 litres of water. In addition to this, washing your vehicle with water can contaminate the surrounding lawns and gardens with the run off (dirty water - soap, dirt ,residue from the exhaust fumes, oil and tar). 

Wakawax Waterless Wash is an all in one cleaning hydrophobic spray that provides a waterless wash, coat and shine, all in one convenient product. This premium formula cleans by emulsifying the dirt with natural surfactants and encapsulating them to lift them off the paint. No streaking, smearing or scratching. Free of petroleum distillates and is VOC compliant. The premium formula has polymers that provide added protection and lasting effects on the car surface. This results in a smooth protective film on the surface that enhances colour and gloss that lasts weeks. It even repels up to 75% of brake dust on alloys! This is one of the many reasons why The Rent Shop Auckland City uses Wakawax Waterless Wash as their go-to eco-friendly vehicle cleaner.


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